Lumber Camp - WPC's roasting headquarters in Lake Orion, MI. The star of the facility is our 15kg Joper roaster. This class defining machine uses cast iron front and back plates and an insulated double-wall drum for efficient and accurate heat transfer to the beans. Our strict quality control measures ensure our coffees are stored at ideal conditions before and after roasting. WPC takes every step to ensure your specialty coffee will reach you fresh and full of vitality.


The WPC Coffee Lab allows us to continuously improve our craft and connect with our customers. We have a full cupping and tasting room for both new and existing clients. WPC uses a Marco Ecoboiler and la Marzocco espresso equipment for unparalleled coffee preparations. We get nerdy with our TDS measuring equipment, roast color analysis, brewing water diagnostic kits, and of course everyone's favorite, our beautiful La Marzocco GB5 painted in our WPC custom green. The photo on the left shows our 'naked' or bottomless portafilter in action on our machine.