Stay Tuned - Roasting in Michigan this Fall!

White Pine Coffee is a Michigan basd micro-roasting coffee company.   that specializes in premium roasted specialty beans. We at WPC are proud to announce that we have purchased our new cast-iron 15 kg roaster and leased a new commercial space. In just two short months we will be up and roasting our fresh WPC blends and single origin Lumber Baron's Reserve selections.

We would like to thank those of you that have supported us during our launch over the past year. We received amazing feedback and reviews up and down our customer base. For now, we have stopped selling beans. We want to maintain our high level of freshness and the best way to protect our quality over the long haul is to wait until we are up and roasting.

White Pine Coffee was founded by Megan Meganck, Bryan Meganck and, Brad Kopek in 2012. Coming to White Pine Coffee, you will get a full experience—not only with our specialty coffee but also with our immersive narrative of the 1880's Michigan lumber industry.  Our goal is to offer quality roasted coffee that provides a full sensory experience.

Thanks for your continued support - Megan Meganck, Bryan Meganck, Brad Kopek

White Pine Coffee - July 2014

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