We have taken the time and effort to develop relationships with trusted importers that offer the best of the specialty coffee market.

We are commited to either moutain water decaffeinated process or swiss water mountain processes. Decaffeinated coffee typically is 98% decaffeinated, there is some buzz in the bean?

Source - Roast - Brew - Educate

Our 100% Arabica offerings ... Fresh implies quality... From sourcing to quality we take every effort to ensure quality and freshness that is delivered to your cup with pride.


Crafted from a narrative about the birth of a state and the communities and industry that comprised it, we too know that it is only through the foundation of community support can WPC grow and prosper. The right conditions, the right corporate genetics, plenty of nutrients and sunshine and away we go. The lakes region growing respect for the uniqueness and value of our natural resources pairs nicely with our personal goals, coffee growing beliefs, and the WPC narrative world we have created thorugh Lumber Town, and growing town in the Michigan Pinelands of the 1880's.

Using the best of time tested materials and craftsmanship, along side the advancement of profile technology, and promoting and marketing through the new modern social economy. Using old world style aprenticeships with the modern economy system.

 Using the latest technology, from green moisture readers, to refractometers for brewing consistency, WPC will allways leverage technology to our advantage to imporve our product.

Development Plan over two years... 

We wanted to create a coffee company that reminds you of being connected to the Michigan forests of the mid 1800's: our selections are based on the highest expressions of roasting where the taste and quality stand for what we believe in. Founded by Megan Meganck, Bryan Meganck and, Brad Kopek in 2012. Coming to White Pine Coffee, you will get a full experience—not only with our coffee but also with our immersive narrative of an 1880's Michigan lumber industry where King Pine helped create the nation we live in, both physically with the truest grain in the land and culturally and socially beyond the normal recognition. And oh yeah, our beans are some of the best in the biz.


The care, the philosophy, the sourcing and roasting... it's a long chain to create a great product in our modern coffee world. Roasted in small batches to guarantee freshness and attention to detail.


through our importer relationships White Pine Coffee identifies, sources and roasts the highest quality coffees available. (Value Statement / Value Proposition). 

Through the Lumber Baron's Reserve we offer farm and region specific coffees that transport the senses and give the unique terroir of each region, each farm, each hillside. The farmers dedication and craftsmanship shine in these WPC offerings. Check back often, as our Lumber Baron's Reserve selections change frequently with the freshness of a seasonal crop. Fresh coffee is better coffee.White Pine Coffee has developed a single origin line coined Lumber Baron's Reserve and we have selected a range of farm specific or region specific offerings from around the world. From exotic floral and fruit notes to the earthy coffees of volcanic and mountain regions.


From the beginning (first frost WPC) the best of equipment was our goal... From our in house la Marzocco GB 5, our Sonofresco sample roaster, and soon our top of the line Joper 15kg shop roaster, all these steps were researched and taken to allow the best possible products to land in our customers brewing devices.


From farm to your cup, we know behind every cup comes an amazing story. From the first wild plants discovered in Ethiopia hundreds of years ago, to the newest varietals being tested by farmers in Latin America, and developing markets and growing regions in Asia and beyond.


Taking control of the means of production and taking a good protion of the chain under your own supervision. Farming and enviromental factors, harvesting and processing. Quality control through the entire process is a key to unlock the potential of specialty coffees. Each coffee arrives 'green' to our production facility, with the true potential of each variety still captured in the raw state. It is up to the roaster to transform the potential of the coffee into a vibrant and kinetic creation.


Our narrative helps us interact with our consumer community and customer base... Creating brand advocates and spreading the world, WPC is commitied to eaducting and providing a rich and entertaining ecosystem for our company and product to live in. One that consistently rewards both our customers and WPC as a company. 


Packaging materials and respect for the sustainability of the supply chain. Sustainability takes many forms and provinding trustworthy easy to explain principles is goal of WPC.


We provide blends and single origins that trained baristas would be proud to serve, and still have an enclusive and accepting aproach to make very easily prepared coffees in your home using simple brew methods (follow link).


COFFEE:  We have taken the time and effort to develop relationships with trusted importers that offer the best of the specialty coffee market.

We are committed to either mountain water de-caffeination process or swiss water mountain processes. Decaffeinated coffee typically is 98% decaffeinated, there is some buzz in the bean?

LUMBER CAMP: From climate controlled green bean storage to proper roasting methods and following through with sustainable packaging that respects the coffee that it transports.


COMMUNITY: Our region, our state, and our community are very important to us at White Pine Coffee. We have determined that % of profits will be donated to both Great Lakes conservation efforts and also to supporting the coffee farming communities as well (define charities / fund / projects to donate to).

Michigan Connection - Friends and the Land

White Pine Coffee's mission is to source, small-batch roast, and share some of the best coffees in the world. We consistently sample the newest lots from producers from all the coffee growing regions, and whether we are roasting a Lumber Baron's Reserve - Single Origin selection or securing next harvests coffees for our blends we always have you in mind, drinking our roasts with a nodding smile... Because... It's not just coffee!


Customers and Coffee quality come first... Lock step, one not being able to move without knowledge of the other, for they are both prone to failure if one is not supported by the other.

WPC embraces the strong traditions of coffee culture while helping push and redefine the industry as well. The newer third wave of roasters that focus on lighter roasts and trace-ability through the supply chain and roasting process. The moka pots still have their place, and almost everyone remembers and cherishes their first Turkish coffee. The darker roasted espresso pair nicely with dairy based drinks, while lighter roasted beans allow an espresso to talk sweet about the origin and roasting of the coffee.


So as the Shanty boys head back into the Michigan Pinelands for another season of frost and toil, remember to keep your crew warm with our hearty Shanty Boy House Blend! 

And remember WPC coffee makes a great holiday gift? Yup... Sure does!