White Pine Coffee - Wholesale Programs

If you are interested in becoming a WPC wholesale customer please take a minute to read the rest of our wholesale program information and  fill out the inquiry form on this page. If you need a quick answer feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call at 248-221-5136.

 Wholesale relationships - WPC is dedicated to the sourcing and small-batch roasting of the highest quality coffees. We are a determined group of individuals with the goal of creating a company around us that is as passionate about our products as possible—each and every day. If you are passionate about coffee, and want to find a local partner, trust that WPC is committed to providing your organization with a high quality and scale-able solution for your coffee needs.

Coffee quality - We are driven to produce the highest quality, consistently roasted coffees possible—from the selection process to green coffee storage to roasting. We recognize the dedication needed to supply detailed information about our coffees, thus WPC is dedicated to educating all our customers about the coffee they purchase from us.

Roasted in small batches - Our coffee is craft roasted in small batches to guarantee our customers the freshest coffee possible. We use roast profile technology to ensure consistency of every roast, every day. We are constantly learning and challenging ourselves to achieve the perfect roast to highlight the flavors and 'profiles' of each coffee. 

Custom coffee programs - We can work with cafe, restaurant and office customers to design a coffee program that meets your goals and needs. With over 35 combined years between the ownership group in the service industry and knowledge gained through years of cafe and restaurant service you can know that no detail will go unattended. Getting into business with WPC with guarantee that all aspects of your wholesale program will be well taken care of.

Provide expertise - Currently White Pine Coffee does offer equipment rentals or service contracts. We will gladly talk through your equipment needs, from grinders, pour over options, and even high-end espresso setups, and make appropriate recommendations. We believe the more educated our customers become the more consumers will seek out cafes and restaurants that deliver truly high quality coffee.

Customer support - WPC is a small company, and because of that we personalize our relationship with your business or organization to best suit your needs, and more often than not, surpassing your expectations. From regular calls and check-ins, to helping you with accurate coffee orders, to setting up training, to on-site coffee tasting  of the newest WPC offerings. Please know, our goal is the same as yours—to provide customers with the best coffee and experience possible.


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