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Our subscription program allows you to try nearly all of WPC offerings every month throughout the year.  It is often referred to as Roaster's Choice.  Choose your desired program and duration ad we take care of the rest.  Purchase one for yourself or as a gift to family, friends, and workplaces!

Blends Subscription Page:

With this subscription, you will receive WPC Blend offerings.  Select from 3, 6, or 12 months....This subscription does not include our decaf blend, Red Sash Decaf.  If you prefer to RECEIVE our decaf blend, please email hello@whitepinecoffee.com AFTER you have placed your order.  If at any time you wish to further customize your Blend subscription contact the email listed above.

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The lumber barons were men who financed nearly every element of the industry and profited handsomely from it.  Timber and lumber were BIG business during this time period (1850-90).  The Timber cruisers were sent out to various forests throughout Michigan.  These men would survey the area and mark the trees to be cut.  The shanty boys then traveled to the forests, set up a camp, and began the work of felling and moving pines.  The term river hog refers to the men who would travel down the waterways on top of the logs to guide and keep all from getting jammed.  This job was extremely dangerous.  Their destination was the saw mill.   Once here the timber was cut in to lumber and loaded on boats and trains to travel nationwide.  The Red Sash Brigade wanted to prohibit alcohol consumption in the camps and within the communities that grew up around this industry.  For WPC we took the buzz from the beverage.




Shanty Boy- medium roasted

Blend of Brazilian, Central American and African- highly caffeinated- Brazilian is direct trade from the Serra Negra region- coffee from this area is quality specific, not farm specific

Lumber Baron Single Origins- mainly medium roast

Mexican Chiapas Finca (Farm) Santa Teresa- located in highlands of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas at 1200-1600 meters- coffee is fully washed and sun-dried

Notes- earthy mineral flavor- thin yet intense- mouth feel is astringent that lingers on roof of mouth

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe- medium roasted

Kochere District near town of Yirga Cheffe- microregion- 5900-6500 feet- coffee is complete mix of wild and heirloom varietals- kongo grade 1, highest given in Ethiopia

Notes- creamy and smooth mouthfeel- mellow and slightly sweet flavor- complete from beginning to end and no aftertaste

Costa Rican- medium roasted

Is it Tarrazu?

Notes- initial savory taste followed by slightly bitter which disappears after 2 sips- simple and smooth flavor, very drinkable- consistent flavor from first sip until last- pleasant mouth feel and lingering earthy taste

River Hog- light roast

Blend of Mexican Chiapas and Costa Rican-

Notes- earthy with slight cocoa- layered but light on palette- crisp mouth feel- citrusy finish

Red Sash Decaf- medium roasted

Direct Trade Brazilian- mountain water processed

Saw Mill Espresso- Full City Roast- (between medium and dark)

Blend of Brazilian, Ethiopian, and Mexican- more acidic and body than our house blend, Shanty Boy

Timber Cruiser- dark roasted

Blend of Brazilian, African, and Central American- similar profile to the Shanty Boy with less caffeine