Cast of Characters

The Lumber Baron - Winston P. Crosscut

Shanty Boy

Timber Cruiser (often called a Land Looker)

River Hog - Wearing their traditional caulked cork boots with steel spikes for traction atop the massive logs the River Hogs main job is to keep the product moving downstream. Avoiding log jams and managing the dam systems also keeps these key players on their toes. A mobile cook and camp 'Wanigan' escorts the River Hogs down the river towards the end goal of the booming yards and eventually the Sawmill proper.

Sawmill Operator

Boom Yard Operator - River Hogs are driving the logs to the sawmill, where the boomyards are sorting the massive amounts of eyestaggering product.





Turkey - Throw your turkey over your shoulder and head into the woods. (Travel bag on a stick)

Sawers / Choppers / swampers / skiders / teamsters / loaders 


Sprinkler (used to create ice sliding ramps) ... a routine commonly interrupted by accident or death...


Romance of King Pine / Green Gold / King Frost / Old Growth Empire


Story of the River Hogs' breaking up log jams. (name for launching logs into river in spring thaw)


Dead Heads / Unclaimed logs / sunken logs in the river systems