Costa Rican Cascara - Las Lajas Micromill


Costa Rican Cascara - Las Lajas Micromill

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Cascara is dried coffee cherry skin with the slightest bit of residual fruit clinging to it.  Often treated as a waste by-product in the pulping process, Cascara is seeing a big resurgence in popularity in the specialty coffee community.  

Las Lajas is an organic micro-mill in Sabanilla de Alajuela, located in the central valley region of Costa Rica.  They produce shelf naturals and have several processing variations of which "Pearla Negra" is one.  Pearla Negra indicates sun drying on raised beds where the beans are turned "several" times a day until dried (usually around 3 weeks) and this Cascara is the outer layer of skin and fruit from that top quality selection.  Better Cascara is seldom found anywhere.

Cascara can be brewed and enjoyed as a hot tea or cold beverage over ice and mixed with a variety of complimentary fruit juices and tonics.  Look for our WPC cascara recipe ideas coming soon...

Tasting Notes: Cherry and stone fruit flavors dominate with a faint cacao and tobacco essence creating a truly unique taste experience.  

Hot Brewing Instructions: 18 grams loose cascara to 250 grams (8oz) hot water just off boil.  Let steep for 4-20 minutes (4 minutes for a lighter extraction and 20 minutes for a thick and syrupy extraction).  

Cold Brew Instructions: 35 grams loose cascara to each 250 grams cold water, let steep overnight in the fridge

Origin: Coast Rica

Region: Central Valley, Sabanilla de Alajuela

Farm: Finca San Luis

Variety: Caturra and Catuai

Processing: Natural (Pearla Negra)

Altitude: 1450 masl (4,500ft)

White Pine Coffee is a Michigan micro-roastery.

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