Colombia Rio Negro - Micro-Lot


Colombia Rio Negro - Micro-Lot

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This micro-lot offering from the Huila region of Colombia, which stretches from the western Cordillera mountain range to the Pacific ocean, originates from 10 farms within the town of Rio Negro.

This coffee highlights the yellow bourbon genetic variety and the unique volcanic terroir of the Rio Negro micro-climate.

Tasting Notes: Rich and sugary with a winey and complex acidity leading to a smooth and mild mouthfeel and aftertaste.  A truly classic and enjoyable cup. Notes of green apple, raisin and green grape give this coffee a subtle fruity quality.

Roast Profile: Medium Roast

Origin: Colombia

Region: Huila, Cauca, Rio Negro

Farm: Small lot holders from the Paez and Sierra communities

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Processing: Washed and Sun-dried

Altitude: 1,900 masl

White Pine Coffee is a Michigan micro-roastery.

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